Q acoustics 3050i review

Design and build

Far from minimal, the changes made over the 2000i Series (the firm's existing budget speaker, on sale till the end of 2015) more than justify the new model number: the cone material of the twin 16.5cm mid/bass drivers has been changed from a paper/mica mix to a paper/aramid composition – aramid fibre (better known as ‘Kevlar') strengthens the cone and makes its behaviour more predictable. According to Q Acoustics, that ensures more natural tonality.

Interestingly, the 25mm tweeter now uses a diaphragm that combines the design elements of the ring radiator and dome to improve treble performance. The tweeter is decoupled from the main cabinet by butyl rubber, isolating it from the detrimental vibrations of the cabinet.

The crossover uses higher-grade components, too, which supposedly limit distortion and reduce phase problems at the crossover point.

Last but not least: the cabinet. Made from 15mm MDF panels with dual-layered 20mm top plate and an even thicker front baffle, it's been further braced to control resonances and increase stiffness.

Q Acoustics has also moved the bi-wire terminals from underneath the cabinet to the rear panel. You won't hear us complaining: coincidentally, that makes them more accessible, too.

As a result of the design revisions, the 3050s are super sturdy, epitomising the quality build we've come to expect from the company.

True to their pedigree, they're beautifully finished with familiar curvaceous corners and gorgeous colour finishes – matt graphic (black) or American walnut (brown) come as standard, while black or white gloss lacquers, or a more off-the-wall black-leather finish are available for a £150 premium.

All in all, appearances aren't too dissimilar from the 2050is (our current Award-winners): just slimmer (30cm) and shallower (20cm). The lean towers also borrow the plinth and easily adjustable spikes arrangement found on the higher-ranging Concept 40s, so that they can sit sturdily on any surface.

Концептуальные заимствования

Модели 3000-й серии обрели лаконичный дизайн с округлыми ребрами корпусов и в то же время получили улучшения, позаимствованные у старшей серии Concept. Для демпфирования используются распорки, стяжки и шерстяное волокно. Лицевая панель имеет двухслойную структуру. Более того, ее толщина, а также толщина верхней панели увеличены вдвое по сравнению с серией 2000i. В результате удалось повысить прочность, жесткость и минимизировать резонансы корпуса.