Topping a90 review


>Can be used as Headphone AMP or Pre-AMP.

>NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier).

>Three Output Ports, 4.4mm balanced, 4-Pin XLR balanced, and 6.35mm unbalanced.

>Three gain settings: Low, Medium, and High.

>High Dynamic Range (DNR) of 145dB.

>Monstrous Output Power up to 7600mWx2.

TOPPING has finally released its highly anticipated headphone amplifier, the TOPPING A90. The A90 is TOPPING‘s flagship desktop headphone amplifier that stacks well with the flagship TOPPING D90 DAC. It has already received outstanding reviews on Audio Science Review. The TOPPING A90 is equipped with NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules, featuring UHGF(ultra-high gain feedback) technology to provide excellent AC and DC performance. This powerful device can also function as an excellent low noise pre-amp.

Как правильно выбрать ЦАП-усилитель для наушников

При выборе ЦАПа учитывают следующие критерии:

  1. Входы. Их количество определяет то, какие устройства будут использоваться в качестве источника звука. С компьютером и смартфоном преобразователь соединяется по USB. Также используются коаксиальный и оптический стандарты. А продвинутые модели поддерживают Wi-Fi и Bluetooth.
  2. Выходы. Их набор зависит от особенностей использования ЦАПа. Для работы с наушниками потребуется 3.5-миллиметровый разъем. Если же планируется подключать преобразователь еще и к звуковой аппаратуре, нужны линейный и коаксиальный выходы.
  3. Дискретизация и разрядность. Эти параметры определяют качество воспроизводимого звука. Например, для CD-формата разрядность составляет 16 бит, тогда как для Hi-Res – от 24. Дискретизация для CD составляет 44.1 кГц, а для Hi-Res превышает 94 кГц.
  1. Размеры. Габариты изделия определяют его предназначение. Сейчас популярны компактные модели, они легко помещаются в кармане и зачастую используются со смартфоном или планшетом.
  2. Стоимость. Цена устройства зависит не только от бюджета пользователя, но и от того, с какой аппаратурой будет работать усилитель. Например, для прослушивания музыки с плеера или смартфона подойдет портативная модель.


I must have pulled all the stops when it came to feeding the Topping A90 by using every source I had and not once was I disappointed except for a few times when I realized how terrible the internal DAC was from the source.

To describe just some of my experiences, I have 3 amplifiers that use the same AK4490DAC chip. These three are the FIIO BTA30 which can act as a DAC, an iFi Micro iDSD Signature series and a Focal Arche.

I could really tell the difference in quality from the three. The FIIO was at the bottom because the DAC on this unit is just a side feature. It sounded adequate enough to be fairly enjoyable but there was a loss in smoothness. But one could not tell until you heard a superior DAC through the A90.

The iFi was in second place but had some noise in the form of hiss but more absent using the USB DAC portion against the Optical for some reason. The Arche was the cleanest and best demonstrated the AK4490 DAC warm qualities that lots of audiophiles like from the particular chip.


The Topping A90 headphone amp comes equipped with NFCA modules (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier), which along with ultra high-gain feedback technology provide excellent AC and DC performance. High output current capability of the A90 allows it to drive low impedance headphones with ease. Furthermore, ultra-low noise of 0.2uV and high dynamic range of 145dB drive the most sensitive IEMs without producing any audible noise or dark background.

For outputs, the Topping A90 headphone amp comes with a 4-pin XLR, a 4.4mm Balanced, and a 6.35mm Single Ended port. The Single-Ended 25V pp with Balanced 49V pp high output voltage along with high output current and less than 0.1-ohm output impedance, Topping A90 is compatible with a wide range of headphones. It also comes with the three-step gain setting and a wide variety of sensitivity settings that allow the amp to drive sensitive IEMs to power demanding headphones.

Being equipped with NFCA modules, Topping A90 headphone amp can also work as a pre-amp. In pre-amp mode, the 20ohm single-ended output and the 40-ohm balanced output impedance make it easily compatible with various power amps. You can also connect the TOPPING A90 with the D90 DAC in pre-amp mode to drive active speakers and create a high-performing sound system.

Our Verdict

The Topping A90 is a bargain when it comes to high-quality headphone amplification. Just three years ago similar performance would have cost closer to 3 grand and I'm sure this model will satisfy most music lovers and even some ardent audiophiles. The fact that it can also act as a preamplifier is a bonus.

The Topping A90 has a very keen ability to take a signal and amplifying it without altering its tonality and is completely neutral doing what it's supposed to do, amplify and it does it effortlessly with lots of power at its disposal. This is a high value for the buck amplifier and deserves the ultra-high performance label.

I am going to point at myself because lately, most of the products I reviewed this year are getting high scores but it's not my fault so much good stuff is being released. The Topping A90 is no exception except it actually is because I doubt you could do better for the price on the current market. High scores it gets indeed and it looks like it's going to be a very good year.

Front Panel Connections

The topping A90 has three headphone connections accessible on the front panel. I only recommend using one at a time and most amplifiers with multiple connections are similar. This amplifier has a good set of plugs which should cover most headphone cables.

The common old school 6.35mm TRS stereo plug is included which can easily be turned into a 3.5mm TRS plug with the included adapter. There's also some new tech connectivity available.

There's also a 4.4mm TRRRS Pentaconn plug alongside an XLR 4 pin connector and both these connectors are balanced outputs that should be used to obtain the maximum power output available for hard-to-drive cans. So in total, you get four connections possible out of the box.

Front-mounted Power Switch

When I first took the Topping A90 out of the box, I saw the rear power button first and let off a long sigh. Then I saw the front panel power switch and was relieved and was able to breathe again.

I simply dislike the fact that some amplifier models nowadays have a single rear power button which to me is impractical and uncomfortable to reach especially if installed in a tight spot.

This power button has a dual function and can turn this unit on and also go into preamplifier mode.

iFi Micro iDSD Signature


Do good things come in small packages? Yes, they do and the Micro iDSD signature is a perfect example of that. Since they both put out the goods in the form of power and since the iFi unit is capable of acting as a standalone analog amplifier, I would consider it a fair fight regardless.

If size matters, think audio and desktop space, then the iFi Micro iDSD signature will be more appealing because it has more features than most amp DAC combo setups and does so while taking up a very small amount of space doing everything you need it to do and then some because you could also go portable with this device.

If you want features I urge you to check this model out. The list of features includes a 3 selectable DAC mode switch, iEMatch, 3 power output settings, XBass, and 3D.

You also get digital and analog inputs, single-ended and balanced headphone output and S balanced with a maximum power output of 4.1 watts that can go portable and you have one fun and formidable machine that will take care of most music lover's needs.


I compared amplification sections by feeding the iFi unit through the line-in plug with the same sources I fed the Topping A90 to make it a fair comparison. I used the RCA ins and outs since the iFi unit does not have a balanced input section.

The noise floor was higher on the iFi unit but the one quality I most enjoyed from the Signature series is the warm-sounding characteristics that could improve some headphones and IEMs by engaging some of its features like XBass or the 3D function.

The Topping A90 had the darker background regardless of gain settings or iEMatch in the case of the iFi unit but both models remained musical in their own way.

The iFi Signature seemed more dynamic and warmer while the Topping A90 remained smoother especially in the mid and upper regions with a more effortless top volume level due to the extra power comparing both units using the 4.4mm output connection.


Returns process

Returning is easy — Start by filling out this form Please include your serial number and a detailed reason for your return. If you do not provide a return reason, your return may be rejected. 

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All Affirm financing orders have a 5% cancellation fee. 

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Policy Abuse

In order to provide a 365-day return policy, we need to take abuse seriously. 

We reserve the right to refuse orders from customers we believe have abused, or will abuse, our return policy, at our discretion. This includes customers who spread returns across multiple accounts.

We made our return policy to help you find gear you feel great about for a long time. Most people use it exactly as intended. We don't want the handful of people who attempt to abuse our policy to ruin it for everyone else.



The Neo as I playfully call it is a DAC headphone amplifier which again lacks features but its main niche is the cleanliness and purity of the sound and silent operation with no weird artifacts, hiss static, interference, or even turn on or turn off thumps, completely silent.

I have grown to really like the NEO and appreciate its qualities of producing clean unaltered sound especially out of the rear XLR output ports or the headphone output plugs up front although they have a lack of drive power.

For highly efficient headphones and IEMs, it works and I even got great results from headphones like the Focal Utopia or the Stellias but not with my Hifiman Arya. They just required more power.


I really wanted to throw this unit into the mix, although technically it's not a headphone amplifier and cannot function as one and could only output from its rear input jacks or rear outputs once it receives a digital source or a Bluetooth transmission.

Why then? Because this makes an excellent combo that sounds terrific and could drive any headphone made while maintaining a totally dark background, free from static, clicks, pops, and noise in general.

As previously mentioned the Topping A90 saw about 8 different sources while I was testing it out but only when I paired these two together is when I got the full picture.

Great precise imaging, great bass, and a high-frequency section that is sharp and crisp with a midrange that is smooth as glass. My Aryas absolutely love this combo and my other headphones too and I bet this combo can compete with some combo pieces costing twice as much.

Crosley T 150

LP с двумя колонками.

Crosley T150

Crosley T 150 — это не обычный проигрыватель, а целый аудиокомплект, который позволит оценить качественное звучание. В одном устройстве совмещены современные технологии, интересный лаконичный дизайн. Для ценителей качественного звучания эта обновленная модель, как находка. Алюминиевый литой диск, две скорости проигрывания (33 об/мин, также 45) позволят оценить чистое звучание, лишенное посторонних шумов. Эксклюзивный виниловый проигрыватель нового поколения Crosley T 150 для меломанов, которые ценят качественные бюджетные устройства с невероятным звучанием.

Вес проигрывателя составляет 3.6 кг при размерах 660х300х200 мм. Материал корпуса — качественный матовый пластик, автоматическое управление. Данный проигрыватель оснащен двумя колонками по 30В, есть Bluetooth (4.2 версия), магнитный картридж, встроенный усилитель, RCA-разъем. Двухскоростной проигрыватель отличается стильным дизайном с превосходной начинкой.

Основные характеристики

  • Тонарм: поворотный, прямой
  • Привод: ременной
  • Переключение скоростей: автоматическое
  • : отключаемый
  • Мощность: 35 Вт
  • Подключение: Bluetooth
  • Материал: MDF/ДВП


  • Простое управление.
  • Лаконичный дизайн.
  • Качественное звучание.
  • Есть функция Pith control.
  • Доступная стоимость.
  • Неудобное расположение кнопки включения.
  • Пластиковый корпус.


We may refund you for following reasons, 

1. Returned items due to the policy of returns once we get it. 

2. Order cancellation

3. Other reasons. 

If you paid by credit card, It will arrive you within 7 working days usually. The time will depends on the bank handling time. If you pay by paypal, It will arrive you within few hours. If you didnt get the refund during above leadtime, write us to check the reason. 

Refunded amount may be slightly different with your original national currency payment due to Currency Exchange rates varying, HiFiGo is not responsible for the difference. 

There may be transaction fee deducted by your bank when order is cancelled or refunded fully or partially, HiFiGo is not repsonsible for this if your bank charge you any additional fee. 

Tech Highlights

NFCA Modules

The Topping A90 is unique in the sense that it employs a newly designed circuitry and a new technology called Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier module centric design or NFCA which on paper and lab measurements claim very good numbers.

These new ultra-high performance high current hybrid feedback architecture modules which also have UHGF, which is ultra high gain feedback, allowed Topping to build this hybrid design amplifier with excellent DC and AC performance, high output current drive capability, and extremely low distortion.

Other benefits of these modules and circuitry design is an ultra low noise down to 0.2uVrms and a very high dynamic range of 145 decibels making this amplifier one of the most noise-free designs out there.

This amplifier design is an excellent platform in general due to the fact that it can dish out a maximum of 7.6 watts on the balanced side per channel enabling it to push any headphone sold today with ease while also remaining capable of a low voltage output that is completely free from hiss with practically every hiss sensitive IEM out there.

Three Stage Gain

The Topping A90 has on the front panel a 3 position gain switch. The three settings are labeled as low, medium, and high which is a common setup.

What makes this gain interesting? On the lowest gain setting, the Topping A90 specs out at a mere 0.00006% distortion which is a rather impressive number. It seems Topping is rather proud of their measurements and print them on their website so all those graphs interpreting critics can compare numbers.

With that spec, a low 0.2uVrms noise specification, but also the fact that along with the high output current and a less than 0.1Ω output impedance and all these specs in combination could only mean one thing, it means great results and noise-free sound regardless of what headphone you use. Topping promises a very dark background with the A90 design.

Preamplifier Feature

The Topping is not just a headphone amplifier but it can also act as a preamplifier. It takes any compatible input and through the use of the volume control plus the front panel input selector plays the preamplifier part very well.

The Topping A90 can output a signal on both available outputs simultaneously making this amplifier versatile enough to become the centerpiece of your desktop audio setup by having the ability to drive headphones, or external amplifiers with RCA inputs or XLR connectors all at the same time with selectable inputs.


The Topping A90 body is made entirely of metal and comes in black or silver. The front panel switches and the volume control button are also made of metal. The volume knob has the same finish as the body.

The black version which is the one we got has a textured finish. I have seen the silver version and the texture seems the same. The unit feels heavy when you pick it up and feels well constructed.

One thing I have noticed is that there are two versions of the A90 floating around at the time of this writing. Some reviewers complained that the volume control knob is too narrow so this second version has a volume knob that protrudes I would say an extra 10mm or 12mm. It seems that Topping is listening to its target audience.


Для прослушивания усилителя я использовал следующее оборудование.

  • MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 в роли источника
  • Yulong DA8 по USB в роли ЦАПа, подключенный к A28 балансными кабелями
  • Fidelia в роли плеера
  • Наушники Philips Fidelio X1 (с балансным подключением), AKG K702 (с балансным подключением), ZMF Fostex (с балансным подключением), Fischer Audio FA-003 Bog Oak Limited Edition, Sennheiser HD800
  • Записи в формате lossless

Главное, что стоит учитывать возможным пользователям этого усилителя — в первую очередь A28 предназначен для балансного подключения. Балансный выход дает большую мощность на наушники, да и по звуку выигрывает у небалансного. Впрочем, и небалансный выход весьма неплох, но тут уже основной вопрос в том — зачем соглашаться на полумеры. С учетом того, что большинство топовых наушников предусматривает замену штатного кабеля, перевести их на балансное подключение не составляет труда. Я, например, воспользовался услугами Era-in-ear, они прооперировали мои AKG и Philips, превратив их в балансные и снабдив соответствующими кабелями.

Самое большое удивление меня, конечно, ждало с AKG K702. Я уже привык к тому, что 702 — наушники с небольшим количеством баса: об этом пишут и большинство обозревателей в интернете, это подтверждал и мой собственный опыт их прослушивания с усилителями попроще. С этим легко смириться, так как не ради мощного баса покупают эти AKG, их главные достоинства — детальность, прозрачность и объемная сцена. Послушав их с Yulong A28, я понял, что на самом деле бас у них есть, причем глубокий и очень текстурный, просто для полноценного раскрытия K702 нужен мощный усилитель. С этой ролью A28 справляется на отлично, а наушники обретают те НЧ, которых им недостает с другими источниками.

Philips Fidelio X1 я склонен считать одними из лучших наушников последних лет пяти. Дорогой стильный дизайн, породистый, чуть темноватый звук с высоким разрешением и динамикой, умеренная цена (правда, в России она не так хороша), нетребовательность к источнику — вот главные достоинства X1. Разумеется, говоря о нетребовательности к источнику, стоит понимать, что хорошие наушники звучат настолько плохо, насколько плох сам источник. Поэтому все-таки слушать Fidelio X1 с первым попавшимся плеером не стоит. Yulong A28 помогает им раскрыться на пределе возможностей — улучшает протяженность и разрешение ВЧ, делает СЧ не такими отдаленными, выравнивает тональный баланс, немного высветляя его.

Разумеется, мне было интересно проверить A28 в небалансном режиме и сравнить с выходом усилителя для наушников DA8. Для этого я использовал замечательные Fischer Audio FA-003 лимитированной серии Non-Profit и вершину всего — HD800 от Sennheiser. Сразу стоит сказать, что небалансный выход ощутимо отстает от балансного собрата, хотя и немного превосходит встроенный усилитель DA8. С небалансного выхода вы получите заметно меньше НЧ и более узкую воображаемую сцену. Хотя если не сравнивать выходы между собой, то и в небалансном режиме A28 очень хорош: динамика, детали, разрешение — вполне на уровне усилителей той же ценовой категории.

Non condition Returns

We offer a 7-Day Return Policy. You have 7 days to return an item from the date that you received it. (confirmed by Shipping Tracking record). To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in it's original packaging. If it is plastic sealled when you get it , it should remain plastic sealled. Some types of goods such as CIEMs cannot be returned.

You will be responsible for paying the shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs we send the product to you are non-refundable( write us in advance how much it is)and Custom Duty when it come back to China is non-refundable too ( we will send you receipt after we get it ).  If 7 days have gone by since you received your item, unfortunately, we can't offer you a refund or exchange. 

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