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Amp Pairings

For most of my listening on the SU-9, I used 2 amplifiers, the Schiit Magnius for the balanced tests, and my Aune X7s for testing the single-ended output of the DAC. Since both of these amplifiers have balanced capability, I listened using the balanced outputs for both headphone amplifiers.

The pairing of the SU-9 with the Magnius tends to be a bit thinner when compared to how it sounds through the slightly warmer Aune X7s. I ended up liking how the SU-9 sounds with the Magnius though, as SU-9 already manages to sound quite full even without the timbre coloration from the Aune x7s.

Also, the Magnius tended to be better at presenting the details that the SU-9 is capable of presenting.

Headphone Pairings

For headphones, I first listened to the SU-9 through my HD600 connected to the Magnius, and I liked how the combination worked. The HD600 tends to roll off quite a bit at the frequency extremes, and I think the SU-9 was able to help alleviate that a bit by giving the HD600 a bit more mid-bass dynamic impact.

The smooth and detailed midrange on the HD600 though was still there, so the SU-9 was able to compensate a bit for the shortcomings of the HD600 while being able to retain its more desirable attributes.

I then tried the same system with my Hifiman Ananda, and the combination was also quite good. I found that the dynamic impact is emphasized on the Ananda, and this made the Ananda sound a bit more natural in its presentation.

I love the width and transparency of the Ananda, and I think the things that I love about the Ananda's soundstage were retained with the help of the detailed presentation of the SU-9.


I've had many MQA devices before, and I haven't found much of a benefit to having the ability to decode MQA on a DAC. I've had it with ifi DACs and my Audioquest Dragonfly Red, but I mostly dismissed it as being something nice to have, but not a feature that would spell much of a difference to me.

With the SU-9, I tested the MQA feature that's available on the SU-9 by playing certain tracks on Tidal that had both a CD-quality version, as well as an MQA version. I was surprised that the difference between the MQA version and the CD-quality version was apparent.