Austrian audio hi-x60: закрытая версия наушников hi-x65


Given the size of the earcups, one would typically assume that the Hi-X65 would have small earpad holes. However, the Hi-X65 has thin-walled earpads, which gives it larger earpad holes that ensure that there is enough space inside the earcups to fit most ear sizes.

Austrian Audio has taken much care to ensure that the Hi-X65 remains comfortable for longer listening sessions. The cushions on the top of the headband and the earcups are soft enough that no hard parts are pressing against my skin, but the earpads are firm enough to ensure that the headphone won't fall off my head that easily.

Being an open-back design, the Hi-X65 doesn't isolate particularly well. Sound tends to leak in quite a bit, but not as much as most other open-back headphones. However, the earpads are designed to give a proper seal around my ears so that sound won't leak through the earpads.

Packaging & Accessories

The box that the Hi-X65 comes in is a folded cardboard box that can be flattened when necessary. The box is a tri-fold design, with a Velcro closure strap, and the inside is lined with foam inserts that keep the contents safe during storage and transport. 

I find it practical that Austrian Audio didn't invest in a presentation box, and instead went for something simpler and more functional. Even the Velcro strap already has some holes punched in, making it ready to be cut up and upcycled into cable ties.

The inclusions in the Hi-X65 standard package are a carrying pouch, an Austrian Audio sticker, a hand-signed certificate, the manuals, and 2 cables this time. 1 cable is a shorter 1.2m cable and a 3m cable. Both cables are terminated with a 3.5mm plug that allows for a screw-on ¼” adaptor which is also included in the box.

The package is sensible and practical while being functional enough to keep the headphones safe while in storage. This time, Austrian Audio was a bit more generous by including an extra shorter 1.2m cable. And I believe this is a practical addition since this will allow the Hi-X65 to be used in a desktop environment without having to deal with an unruly 3m cable.