Musical Fidelity Roundtable Turntable: проигрыватель винила с антивибрационной конструкцией

Musical Fidelity Roundtable Turntable: Manufactured by Pro-Ject for Musical Fidelity, Includes Audio Technica AT-95e Cartridge, 9-Inch Tonearm, MDF Platter, Anti-Skate Mechanism Contribute to Cohesive and Balanced Sound

Gather around the Musical Fidelity Roundtable turntable and enjoy the distinctive pleasures of vinyl LPs via an analog component designed to the nth degree and priced to give more music lovers a genuine taste of high-end audio. Featuring a pioneering central-balancing feature that ensures everything on the ‘table is statically balanced and that the center of gravity rests at the pivot point of the main bearing, Roundtable features superb isolation, extremely low resonance, high stability, and sought-after consistency. Outfitted with a pre-mounted Audio Technica AT-95e cartridge, excellent nine-inch tonearm with steel-tipped bearings plus a newly designed magnetic anti-skate mechanism, high-carbon tool steel bearing, high-density MDF platter, and inert chassis, Roundtable utilizes high-quality components and cutting-edge physics to faithfully track records’ grooves and deliver arresting sound that is warm, cohesive, and faithful to the source. Other ‘tables have more bells and whistles, yet Roundtable invests in what matters most: the music. In every way, Roundtable makes playing LPs fun and addictive.

Unique Balancing Feature Leads to Supreme Sonic Focus
A high-quality and competitively priced complete turntable, Roundtable has a low-resonance 9″ pickup arm (magnetic anti-skating) with steel-tipped bearings housed in zirconium with rubber damping. In principle, the approach is similar to the Incabloc shock protection system utilized on watches. Produced to Musical Fidelity’s bespoke specification, Roundtable also includes a unique feature. Much effort has be made to ensure that all of the ‘table’s components are designed and placed to guarantee that Roundtable is perfectly statically balanced and that its center of gravity is at the pivot point of the main bearing. It’s the point around which everything rotates and everything focused.

Top-Notch Parts, Pre-Installed Audio Technica AT95E Cartridge
The motor, belt and main platter bearing are all selected for complementary characteristics. A polished high-carbon tool steel bearing is chosen exceptional long life and friction-free performance, while the extremely inert chassis and suspension system and top-grade pickup arm are usually found on more expensive products. Made from finely machined high-density MDF, the platter boasts high mass and low resonance. The plinth is made from similarly bulky low-resonance material. Feet complete the isolation system and an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge comes pre-installed for easy setup.

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